Kappa AssayPlus

The Kappa AssayPlus™ is the automated solution for Kappa number determination when measuring lignin content in pulp and paper processes. The Kappa methodology utilized was developed in partnership with PAPRICAN (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada), where the protocol and system have been rigorously tested (see “Kappa Number Testing with Better Repeatability and Lower Cost”, 2004 PAPTAC Annual Meeting Proceedings, C-111. To request information from the author, please contact literature@mantech-inc.com.)

The Kappa AssayPlus™ system will fully automate the analysis of up to 17 samples on its robust XYZ autosampler. MANTECH understands that the pulping, oxygen delignification, and extraction processes require constant and reliable Kappa Number Tests in order to maintain good process control. Now, with the successful automation of the Kappa methodology, pulp labs can free up operator/technician time, reduce chemical costs, calibrate on-line automated Kappa number analyzers and improve analytical confidence.

Vew a Video of the Kappa AssayPlus System in action!

Free Your Time - Because Your Time is Valuable

Kappa AssayPlus™ Hardware
Robotic XYZ autosampler • Small Footprint • Software Controlled
  • Hardware completely controlled by software
  • Adaptable to other applications such as liquors (black, white and green), alkalinity, peroxide, etc.
  • Automatic sample preparation (potassium permanganate, sulfuric acid, potassium iodide)
  • Random access XYZ autosampler designed to carry 17 samples in 300ml tall-form beakers
  • All samples maintained at a constant temperature
  • Automated and powerful rinse
  • System comes with warring blender
Kappa AssayPlus™ Hardware

Kappa AssayPlus™ Software
Easy to Use . Upgradeable . Improved Quality Control
  • Step-by-step control of hardware and methodology,
    including 10 minute reaction time
  • Real-time display each step of the method including the
    titration curve
  • Password protection
  • Import SID’s and export data easily to LIMS
  • Integrated QC charts to track and trend results
  • Automatic calculation of Kappa Number corrected to 50%
    potassium permanganate consumption
  • Flexible reporting to screen, printer or file
  • Only two mouse clicks required to start any sample run
Kappa AssayPlus™ Software Screen Shot
Real-time titration curve and QC charting
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